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Damaged and malfunctioning parts and systems will only get worse without repair, so make sure you schedule your diagnostics appointment as soon as possible to ensure only the easiest, most affordable repairs are necessary.

Oil Changes, Transmission Repair, Tires, NC Vehicle Safety Inspection, On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) Emissions Inspection With over 35+ years in the industry, the mechanics at McDonalds Motors can quickly, safely and affordably take care of all your auto problems.

If you've noticed a drop in your vehicle's performance, we'll figure out exactly what the problem is. Computer Diagnostics: Using state-of-the-art computer diagnostics, we'll test your car's equipment, allowing us to precisely pinpoint the root of the problem. From regularly scheduled maintenance and repair to engine work, and transmission rebuilds, McDonalds Motors is your local shop for quality auto repair and replacements.

We can help you with


Tune Ups

Your spark plugs can't last forever and when they start to die, other components must work overtime to compensate. Your fuel filter may become clogged, stressing your engine and ruining your fuel economy. If your engine is allowed to falter, it may stress out your catalytic converter. On the other hand, if these are replaced at scheduled intervals, your car may indeed hit that magic 200,000 mile mark. Talk to our mechanics about the scheduled maintenance that your car needs.



Not sure what size and type of tire you have or need to replace? Here is a hint... It's all on the sidewall of the tire. There's a lot of information about your tire right on the sidewall. Information such as the size, performance rating, temperature grade and load rating just to name a few. But, If you are still not sure, just give us a call at (336) 476-6277 and we'll help you right away!


OIL Changes

From regular blends to advanced synthetics, your oil change should be particular to the age and condition of your car. Our highly trained technicians can advise you on which type of oil is best for your engine.


General Fluid Maintenance

Our oil isn't the only vital fluid in your powertrain. Transmission fluid keeps your gears from jamming. Brake fluid ensures that your car can stop. Coolant stops your car from overheating during our long hot summers. In 4x4's, lubricant is vital to the transfer case. The manufacturer has definite guidelines regarding timely fluid replacement. When you get your car serviced by us, we will keep an eye on your fluids, and, when necessary, we can flush the system.


Brake Jobs

Good brakes keep drivers and their passengers out of harm's way. If brakes fail to match their factory-level potential, the result may be a costly accident. It certainly pays to get regular brake inspections. If you hear the tell-tale whine of a brake pad, hurry in to our shop. Replacing your pads in a timely manner is the surest way to protect your expensive discs or drums.


Catalytic Converter

If the catalytic converter isn’t operating efficiently, the check engine light will come on and your engine can begin to lose performance. If the catalytic converter becomes plugged, the engine light will begin to flash and your engine may stall or no longer start. In extreme cases where the converter is plugged, the excess back pressure created can actually cause internal engine damage. If you are experiencing symptoms related to catalytic converter failure, get it checked soon.